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Monday, November 10, 2008

How to insert Yahoo! Emoticons in your posting?

Hi everyone..

Today, I would like to share my idea about a post with Yahoo! Emoticons. Did you know about Yahoo! Emoticons? It suppose to see like this; , this , also this , and so on! To make your posting looks more interesting, sometimes you includes an images into your post. And sometimes you includes a video as well. Is it right? Okay. In this tutorial we will do differently way of posting but still using an image tag element. I will guide you how to inserting a Yahoo! Emoticons in your post, by using the HTML image tag - <img src="(image location)"/>

All you have to do is, first, open a new tab or a new window from your browser. In an address box, type (or you can click here as well). It will brings and shows to you a list of Yahoo! Emoticons table. Right click onto any your desire emoticons and choose Properties. Then copy the location of the image; it suppose shows begin with http:// and ends with .jpeg / .gif / .png / .jpg and so on.

Back to your blog Posting Editor, click on 'Edit HTML' tab. Insert the HTML image tag; <img src="(image location)"/>, and replace '(image location)' with the image link that you copied. For example, the image tag code should be like this; <image src=""/> You are able to put anywhere in your text post, either within a text, right, or left. Then, click 'Preview' to preview your blog. Done!

Simple, right? Now, you can do it by yourself.. Good luck!

PERHATIAN! Aktiviti PLAGIAT (copy & paste) sesuatu artikel tanpa pengetahuan dan kebenaran penulis adalah satu aktiviti/perbuatan yang TIDAK BERMORAL!

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1 Orang Kentut Madu:

sitikris said... [Reply]

waaah...bru ku tau kite boleh masukkn icon YM dlm blog..dh lame aku t'fikir camne nak letak icon tu kat dlm blog..lepas ni leh la letak icon tu..hehehe

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